Weiss Lake Improvement Association


Fish Habitat

Providing good spawning structure and nursery areas in the lake is important to ensure continued success in Crappie populations. Weiss Lake Improvement Association, working with Alabama Power, place brush structure in the lake. We also built and placed fishing line recycling units at boat ramps and marinas around the lake. This used fishing line is sent to Berkley Line where it is made into fish habitat and returned to us for placement in the lake. This program was established by the Alabama Clean Water Partnership and Berkley Line. 

Click to view the Habitat Sites GPS Coordinates in each location:
Bay Springs Area

The Fishery

Known for its Bass, Crappie and Catfish, Weiss Lake has faced many issues with fish populations. The drought in 1997, 1998 and 1999 resulted in a decline in the Crappie population and fishery experts said it would take years for the population to rebound. Weiss Lake Improvement Association took action to help the recovery. In 2001 and 2002 stocked 200,000 Black Nose Crappie in the lake thanks to the generosity of local members, out of state fishermen, businesses and elected officials. In 2003, 50,000 more Black Nose Crappie were stocked. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources had for many years been studying Crappie populations and spawn at Weiss Lake. In 2004 they for the first time ever stocked Crappie in Weiss Lake to continue the study. Every year since they have stocked a minimum of 40,000 Crappie and this year 150,000 Crappie were stocked. This is a big investment in our lake by the state and it all was started by the efforts of Weiss Lake Improvement Association.

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