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Welcome to Weiss Lake Improvement Association!

The 30,200 acre Weiss Lake, with 450 miles of shoreline, is a tremendous asset to the surrounding area since 1961 when it was created. Around 500,000 people visit the lake each year, and it generates more than $36 million in wages and 4,132 jobs in the region. The annual economic impact from tourism, fishing and boating average an estimated $250 million for the surrounding area. The value to those who enjoy the lake is priceless!

Our Mission


Ensure that Weiss lake is maintained properly for present and future generations! We care about our beautiful community.


Fisheries and wildlife are important to us. We discuss and collaborate to work towards a clear vision of how to protect our waters.


We work together to make our lake cleaner and better. Improving our lake is extremely important for our community and to our people.