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Board Meetings

The Board of WLIA meets on the 3rd Monday of every month at 5:00 pm at the Cherokee County Administration Building, 260 Cedar Bluff Road, Centre, AL 35960

At these meetings, the board members discuss challenges and initiatives they wish to work towards to better the community. They invite occasional speakers from the community to ensure they have an outside perspective on topics and to collect thoughts and ideas that may be useful and insightful to further their efforts.

WLIA continues actions against litter!

It has been said that any litter that is discarded in Cherokee County will eventually end up in our lake. As a result the need to fight any litter in the county is both needed and welcome! Here are several organizations that WLIA supports to help control this universal problem.

WLIA has a close relationship with the Alabama public organization known as People Against a Littered State or PALS! If you have ever seen an Adopt-A-Mile sign you are looking at a PALS sponsored program. WLIA has adopted a mile on Highway 9 as it crosses the lake on the causeway! Periodically members of the organization as well as other interested citizens will cleanup our Mile! PALS also sponsors a “Clean Campus” program to keep our schools clean and providing seminars to students to reenforce the anti-litter theme. Many of the filled litter bags you see along a freshly picked up road are provided by PALS. If you would like to adopt a mile of road near you, please leave your name in our Contact Section of this web site. Yearly, PALS sponsored a week long cleanup, state wide, called Don’t Drop It On Alabama. Cherokee County and several towns in the county participate in this clean-up event.
Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce.
The CC Chamber of Commerce yearly hosts a Ground Water Festival for all 4th grade students in Cherokee County. The students are able to learn many things about the water in the county. For the past several years WLIA has taught a session about littering in Cherokee County and ask the students to assist in keeping the county clean.
Renew Our Rivers
Alabama Power is a partner to anyone who uses Weiss Lake! Yearly, they support Cherokee County by sponsoring a weekend cleanup of our lake of any litter or other nuisance items like tires or other discarded items.
Clean-Up Cherokee County
This is an extremely active FaceBook Group that has teamed up with organizations like the Boy Scout and other neighborhoods. It has rallied many people to get out and cleanup their communities.
Need more information? Contact us here.